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Attending to Dynamic Objects in the environment among persons with ASD and Down Syndrome:

Insights into Alternative ways of Processing Information

Consistent with the notion that we need to reframe and extend the question about how persons with ASD and other developmental conditions, including Down syndrome, attend to to their environment from “How well do they attend” to “How do they attend?”, we propose a research program to study various aspects of attending to dynamic stimuli in different contexts among these populations. The use of dynamic stimuli is more ecologically relevant than the types of static information and paradigms typically used in studies of attention and is in keeping with current conceptualizations of the development of attention in which the ever-changing nature of the environment must be considered. The proposed project will both enhance our understanding of attention among children with ASD and Down syndrome and contribute to our appreciation of the unique styles of processing that we see in different groups of persons.

Principal Investigator (PI): Jacob Burack, PhD

Institution & Department: McGill University – Department of Educational & Counseling Psychology

Year(s) collaborated with SCERT on project: 2016 - 2019


Results of Research Project:

As this research project is still underway, results are not yet available. Check back soon!


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