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Every year, SCERT presents and co-presents inservices that broaden the knowledge base of the NDC research community in and around Montreal. Presentations are geared toward advancing and sharing the latest developments in our understanding of the neurology, education, teacher training, and improvement in quality of life of youth with developmental conditions.  


Previous training events

professional Development


INSAR Conference

July 2019

Over a dozen studies conducted in partnership with the SCERT were presented at INSAR 2019.


Welcome back Dr. Schrank!

September 2018

Dr. Schrank presented a workshop in organization with SCERT. 


Summit School In-service

December 2018

A presentation for Summit staff on Dr. Quintin's project conducted with SCERT.


Dr. Schrank's Workshop

January 2018

Hosted by SCERT, senior author of the Woodcock-Johnson IV Test of Achievement presented an informational workshop.


TACC Conference

October 2018

A goal was to highlight networks that work with clinicians, scientists, patients, and members of the community to bring a better understating of ASD.


Dr. Remington's Presentation

September 2017

Fascinating talk on the idea of autism as a difference rather than a disability.