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Research interests

Research Fields

Opening doors to discovery

The SCERT team undertakes research projects based on their relevancy and benefit to the students, teachers, professionals, parents, and stakeholders associated with Summit School. We are particularly interested in facilitating research in fields that have a direct impact on the lives of youth with NDCs, including:

SCERT supports studies that involve an experimental approach to understanding the processes underlying cognition, affect, and behaviour in our students across periods of development. SCERT oversees projects that translate into more immediate practical improvements in education, research, and training in public educational systems. 

​Research projects undertaken at SCERT range from basic neuroscience to skills teaching. Projects at SCERT have involved a variety of approaches (i.e., experimental/quantitative, qualitative, mixed methods, etc.) and methodologies (validation, survey, interview, eye-tracking, intervention, electrophysiology, etc.) that ultimately lead to understanding the strengths and challenges of our students as to best inform teaching, assessment, intervention, and decision-making practices. Also, SCERT expands the research scope from family-oriented issues, such as assessing and managing stress in parents whose child has a neurodevelopmental condition, to understanding and regulating emotion through music.

Other studies have aimed to understand the well-being of mothers during their child's transition from adolescence to young adulthood, to investigate how students with NDCs are able to recall and understand an event they witness, and to understand the factors leading to the optimal transitions between school and community-living. Managing and implementing larger-scale, intervention studies are also germane to SCERT's mission. The goal is that the research will lead to best practices in every aspect of the education and services for students with NDCs. 

All proposed research projects are reviewed by the SCERT executive committee and must obtain ethics approval from a recognized institutional review board before they can be initiated at SCERT.

To see if your research study is appropriate for our center, please:
1. Contact our research coordinator, or

2. Submit a research proposal.


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