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SCERT is a partnership between Summit School and participant professors from McGill University's Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology (ECP). SCERT's goal is to generate applied research aimed at improving educational services and best practices for individuals with neurodevelopmental conditions (NDCs).

The knowledge generated at SCERT will be used to train parents, teachers, professionals, and other service providers. In addition to scholarly publications generated by the research, our discoveries will be available to local, national, and international researchers, parents, and professionals through our website, training sessions, clinical workshops, and conferences. Future projects include the development of on-line toolkits for teachers and parents, webinar series, and a research database.

SCERT provides a hub for researching and teaching best practices in the fields of education, psychology, neuroscience, occupational therapy, speech therapy, physiotherapy, art therapy, and other related fields relevant to children with NDCs.

SCERT is a unique center that aims to both share its knowledge and build strong collaborations with other partners, including schools, research networks, stakeholders, and the international community.


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