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SCERT Representation at Summit's Golf Tournament

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

On Wednesday October 6th, Summit School held a Golf Tournament at The Royal Montreal Golf Club. This fundraiser was a huge success, and Summit School was able to raise around $110,000 for it's Capital Campaign with the goal of building a new state-of-the-art Physical Education & Creative Arts Center for it's students!

To showcase the multiple services of Summit School, several stations were set up throughout the course. There, the generous golfers were able to:

At the SCERT station, current coordinator Gabriella Boffice was accompanied by SCERT's first ever coordinator, Badriah Basma. The coordinators explained SCERT's purpose and mission, and to show a little bit of what research participation might entail for our students, golfers played an interactive Neurotracker game that was used for a previous SCERT study.

The Neurotracker is an attention-based program that was originally designed for elite athletes, but research done by Dr. Domenico Tullo in collaboration with SCERT showed that this cognitive training program can actually improve the attentional capabilities of children and adolescents with a neurodevelopmental condition!

Badriah and Gabriella explained that multiple research projects take place in collaboration with SCERT every year with the goal of improving educational practices and services for children and adolescents with neurodevelopmental conditions.

Overall, it was a great day, and we are so happy to be spreading the word about SCERT, it's research, and it's impact.

Pictured: Dr. Armando Bertone - SCERT Director & Co-Founder; Badriah Basma - SCERT Coordinator 2016-2017; Taryn Perelmiter - SCERT Coordinator 2019-2021; Gabriella Boffice - SCERT Coordinator 2021.


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