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Dr. Remington's Presentation

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

SCERT, in partnership with McGill’s Perceptual Neuroscience Laboratory for Autism and Development (PNLab), was honored to host Dr. Anna Remington, a senior lecturer for the Institute of Education from the University College London on September 11, 2017. Dr. Remington’s research is focused on the idea of autism as a difference rather than a disability, and involves findings of the increased perceptual capacity of individuals with autism. This increase in processing is hypothesized to mediate the behaviors associated with autism. Dr. Remington’s fascinating talk was followed by a lively wine and cheese reception.


Anna Remmington, Ph.D. Senior Lecturer, UCL Institute of Education, University College London

The deficits associated with autism are well documented, yet in recent years there has also been a body of research that has investigated strengths in the condition. In particular there are a large number of reports of superior performance on a variety of visual and auditory processing tasks. In this talk I will look at the idea of Autism as a ‘difference’ rather than a ‘disability’, and will present evidence from my own research that demonstrates that autistic individuals are able to process more information at any given time than neurotypical controls. This ‘Increased Perceptual Capacity’ may explain many of the behaviours – both positive and negative – that are seen within the condition.


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