Attending to dynamic objects in the environment among persons with ASD and down syndrome: Insights into alternative ways of processing information

Principal Investigator: Dr. Jake Burack, McGill University – Educational and Counselling Psychology

This study looks at how attentional processing differs among individuals with ASD and Down Syndrome when focusing on dynamic, moving stimuli, which is representative of the ever-changing environment. The findings will broaden our understanding of the unique processing styles of these populations.


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The Live project

Principal Investigator: Dr. Tara Flanagan, McGill University - Educational and Counselling Psychology

Dr. Flanagan’s research centers around students between the ages of 16-21 who exhibit moderate to profound levels of intellectual disability. Moreover, she is interested in students  who are unable to participate in stage placements, because they lack the required communication and independence skills. By monitoring these students  under the conditions of a simulated vocational experience, Flanagan’s research objective is to attain information that will help teachers prepare their students for smoother transitions between school and community-living.


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The effects of bilingualism on language development and executive control in children with an autism spectrum disorder

Principal Investigator: Myriam L-H Beauchamp, Université de Montréal – School of Speech Therapy and Audiology

Bilingual neurotypical children are often at an advantage, and even outperform monolinguals on executive function tasks. This study explores whether this bilingual advantage is present in school-aged children with ASD, despite frequent recommendations to raise children with ASD as monolingual. Uncovering the potential benefits of bilingualism with this population can lead to support for families and schools as well as the implementation of appropriate educational programming for bilingual ASD students.


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A physiological Assessment of lateral interactions within the early visual areas of individuals with ASD

Principal Investigator: Sabrina Censi, McGill University – Educational and Counselling Psychology

To better understand how individuals with ASD view their world, this study uses electrophysiological techniques (EEG) to examine how passive stimuli are visually perceived. This project takes place at Sainte-Justine hospital.


Cognitive Interview Study​

Principal Investigator: Dr. Victoria Talwar, McGill University - Educational and Counselling Psychology 

In order to  improve investigations for cases in maltreatment of children with cognitive impairments, Dr. Talwar is pursuing research that will determine how accurately children with processing deficiencies are able to recount the details of an event they witness. During a simulated magic trick where the magician instructs its subjects not to disclose details about a spilled bottle of ink, and subsequent interviews following the magic trick, Dr. Talwar is analyzing the students' compliance.


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